Drinkers’ Guide to Roath…

A Drinker’s Guide to Cardiff captures what going to the pub is really all about: talking rubbish with your mates, consuming slightly more fizzy lager than is strictly advisable, and trying not to fall over.

Shortly after the launch of RoathCardiff, our first guest post was from one of our favourite blogs, Pintof45.

Now Oliver, who writes the words, and Phil, who takes the pictures, have published a book based on the blog. The Drinkers’ Guide to Cardiff features tongue-in-cheek reviews of 20 of Cardiff’s best boozers, including four in Roath.

The book is published by Llanelli publisher Graffeg who describe it as: “A light-hearted insight into the lifestyle and culture of Cardiff, this book is testimony to the fact that pub culture as we know and love is still alive and to be enjoyed in the capital. This is not an average tedious guide, this is two friends having a few drinks, saying what they really think. It is also very funny.”

It’s a great read – like no pub guide you’ll have read before. You’re sure to find out new things about pubs you thought you knew well (did you know the City Arms was once the Van of Flesh Tavern?!) and may even inspire you to visit some new ones. But most of all it is properly laugh-out-loud funny.

The 20 pubs featured in the book are:

1. The Albany
2. The City Arms
3. The Foresters
4. The Golden Cross
5. The Andrew Buchan
6. Bunk House
7. Gwdihŵ
8. Porter’s
9. The Bunker
10. Dempseys
11. The Live Lounge
12. Revolución de Cuba
13. Milgi
14. The Pen & Wig
15. Terra Nova
16. Y Mochyn Du
17. The Aneurin Bevan
18. O’Neill’s
19. Varsity
20. The Woodville

The book is a bargain at £2.99 and is available from most of Cardiff’s bookshops and the Graffeg website.

Their article for RoathCardiff includes their thoughts on Roath’s best pubs (Albany, obviously) and the perfect Cardiff pub crawl.

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