Little Big Art Exhibition – interview with Lego artist, Andy Morris

At the end of August, The Gate plays host to the first ever Little Big Art exhibition.

The free exhibition runs from 20 August to 13 September – check The Gate website for opening times.

We spoke to the artist behind the work, Andy Morris:


What’s your background as an artist – how did you start?

My background is in finance – strange I know but every story has to start somewhere; but after nine years working with numbers I quit it all to follow my passion; design. I’m currently studying a degree in Interior Design in Cardiff and the art started as a side project during the holidays when I had some spare time – and if I’m honest; I just wanted to play with LEGO.

Why lego? Where did the inspiration come from?

It was the result of many years being a grown-up and then suddenly released into creative freedom. Plus, everybody can relate to LEGO; I’ve yet to meet a single person who hasn’t played with the hallowed plastic bricks at least some point in their lives.

What can people expect from the show at the Gate? 

Re-imaginations of famous works of art in LEGO, from Mondrian to Warhol; Rothko to Hirst. And I’m also playing around with making the LEGO artwork ‘human-size’ so a person can look at them at the same scale as a LEGO minifigure in a LEGO gallery would (it makes a lot more sense when you see them).

What else are you up to this summer?

Nothing, literally. My whole summer is absorbed with LEGO (yay!).

Tell us your favourite thing about Roath? 

I’ve lived in Roath on and off since I moved to Cardiff in 2001 – my first house was on Mackintosh Place right next to The George; and I’ve always been a fan of the atmosphere and community feel that the area has… plus, it has The Gate!

You can find about more about Andy, the exhibition and his work at: