Made in Spring 2014

Thanks to Helen Clifford and the Made in Roath team for this guest post about the Made in Spring festival, coming up very soon, on the first May Bank Holiday.

”Made in Spring’ is already established as a firm favourite in the Roath calendar. Running since 2010, it gives artists, musicians, makers and performers an opportunity to be experimental in response to the season, May Day ritual and the political annotation of International Workers Day.

Roath residents and visitors to Roath are treated to a Spring inspired street party featuring free workshops and participatory artist led activities, The Actual History Museum of Roath, and a recycled clothes installation. Made in Roath will be unveiling their new Ice Cream Van Art Space.  A May Queen, and a Green Man will make an appearance, with Music, Poetry, Games, DJ’s, A Bike Ride, Mural Painting amongst the many exciting things the festival has to offer as well as all manner of stalls and pop up cafes both related to the Roath area and from further afield. As always, Made in Spring supports local and independent enterprise.

Made in Spring Festival and the artist Shaun Featherstone have organized a new event for 2014, and would like to invite you to the first Red Shoes March, starting on Saturday 3 May at Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil, and ending on Sunday 4 May at Made in Spring Festival, Roath.’

Red Shoes March

‘The People’s March for Dignity and Culture’

May 3rd – 4th

Starts Saturday 3rd May, 10am at Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil – Finishes Sunday 4th May at Plasnewydd Road, Roath, Cardiff

‘Red Shoes March is a peaceful artist-led response to the many cuts and proposed cuts to local service budgets, brought about by the UK government’s austerity policies. These policies are already having an effect on the way in which we experience and live our lives. Whilst the implications of the bedroom tax and the growing necessity of food banks for daily living has received a great deal of attention, there has been perhaps less focus on the continual chipping away of the cultural landscape that informs us and enriches us. Library closures, gallery closures, curtailing of community and recreational facilities – our country is suffering from a form of ‘cultural vandalism’ which affects us all. What is being lost today across so many communities will have profound, life changing, social implications now, tomorrow and for future generations. As a group we will march together to mark a time when what few opportunities there still are for genuine social progress and mobility in Britain are in danger of being swept away by wave after wave of vicious, ideological change.

The Red Shoes March is a 26 mile march taking place across two days along the Taff Trail. On Saturday 3rd May we will depart from Redhouse Merthyr and proceed the 19 miles to Taffs Well, and on Sunday 4th March we will rejoin the path to walk from Taffs Well to Roath in Cardiff. There will be regular stops along the way to provide refreshments and for fellow marchers to join or leave the march as they wish. Food will be provided free of charge, and there will also be various cultural and artist-led interventions en route, with the opportunity to engage with them along the way.

Red Shoes March extends a fraternal invitation to anyone affected by the austerity cuts.’

Further details of all Made in Spring events will be available soon on the Made in Roath website.

Helen Clifford, Made in Roath team

Made in Spring, Sunday May 4th 10am-5pm, Plasnewydd Road, Roath

The content above was first published on Shaun Featherstone’s website on 27th March 2014 and Made in Roath on 28th March 2014: reproduced here with permission.

Images: copyright Made in Roath

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  1. Carol Ivory says:

    Last years Made in Spring was such a lovely day.
    I just can’t wait for this years.
    Thank you so very much Made in Roath team and to everyone who takes part. xxx

    More #streetart YAYYYYYYY

    Red Shoes March YAAAYYYYYYYY This day was tailor Made for me 😉