PowerPlates preview

The team behind roathcardiff.net usually meets in the Albany – so it was quite a shock last night to find ourselves heading out to the new ActiveVibe PowerPlate Studio.

We arrived to a warm and friendly welcome and after a few quick forms were introduced to the four PowerPlates – the studio space is bright, mirrored and small enough that the instructor who leads the class can keep an eye on you and offer personal advice and encouragement. We were chuffed to find out that our fellow inductee on the night was there having seen our story last week 🙂

Contrary to apparent popular belief, you don’t just stand on the plates and get jiggled fit. There are a range of workout classes running through the week which focus on different goals/areas of the body from legs, bums and tums or abs through to circuits and dance classes. Each session usually consists of a two minute warm-up followed by two nine-minute work-outs on the plates, finishing off with a high intensity massage on the plates to warm down the muscles. Sessions run until 8pm weekdays and midday on a Saturday and can be booked through their facebook page or by giving them a call.

The plates vibrate 30 times per second, the theory being that this additional contraction of the muscles makes any exercise you do on the machines more intense. We were running through an induction class so after a light jog to get going we worked through a series of stretches, lunges, squats, planks and push ups, finishing up with medicine balls and kettle bells. There’s nothing that you wouldn’t recognise in terms of routines and the combination is designed to work all the major muscle groups.

Teresa, our instructor, was very clear with her instructions and made sure we could all go at our own pace. They welcome people at all levels – from beginners up to a few local rugby players who sometimes drop in.

It’s a strange sensation when the machines start up and your whole body is being vibrated – you quickly learn to keep your knees loose to stop your head being shaken about too much. After that each activity definitely felt more intense in the muscles than an equivalent movement off the plate – holding in squats or planks felt much harder on the plate than off. It’s impossible to say for sure what the effects were after a quick induction, but the following day I definitely felt my legs, arms and stomach had been properly worked out. Stairs were a particular challenge!

The idea that you can fit the equivalent of an hour’s workout in the gym into a 25 minute PowerPlate session is obviously an attractive one – and some of the results stories we heard on the night were very impressive. Apparently most people see significant results after just a couple of months if they’re doing three sessions a week.

After one session, it’s impossible to say how well it works – but it was enough of a taster that we’re both signing up for more!

ActiveVibe PowerPlates is on the first floor, Globe Centre, Roath. Thanks to the team there for offering us a free taster session.

  1. Krista says:

    I started my journey with ActiveVibe in January approx 9wks ago and felt the changes almost immediately. I love the fact I get the equivalent of 60 mins worth of exercise in 25 mins. I have done gym sessions with Personal Trainers and different classes and not have had a the results as quickly as I have doing the classes on the power plates! The results speak for themselves, 14.5 inches all over!!
    My daughter who suffers from a damaged sciatica nerve has found this has helps and when it’s really bad the massage has made a great difference!
    I cannot recommend ActiveVibe power plates enough.

  2. Team ActiveVibe says:

    We’re so glad that you enjoyed your induction and look forward to seeing you in your next class! Thanks for the glowing review, Team ActiveVibe xx