NDC Wales Spring Tour 2014 at Sherman Cymru – Review

NDC Wales’ Spring Tour 2014: Mythology, They Seek to Find the Happiness They Seem, Water Stories

After a wonderful year celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2013, National Dance Company Wales begin 2014 with a tour of three recently choreographed pieces.

National Dance Company Wales

NDC Wales Mythology

The Company comprises a rotating number of dancers, some apprentices, some more experienced, and I find it one of the most interesting companies because of that – and also due to its small size, the dynamics are constantly developing and evolving.

The opening piece, Mythology, devised during the last months of the Noord Nederlanse Dans company which closed in 2012, described the journey undertaken by the dancers in their community over the course of their four year existence, and as it came to an end.

The whole company, dressed in white, performed Stephen Shropshire’s piece with the emotion you would expect over such a journey, exhibiting closeness, joy and sadness in equal measure.

The second piece – comparatively short but intense – featured Natalie Come and Matteo Marfolgia dancing in a beautiful and soulful duet examining ‘the impenetrable inner world between couples and of individuals’, as the choreographer Lee Johnston explains in the programme.

This piece was very elegant and the influences of classical dance movements were more obvious here – to my mind making it slightly more accessible than the first piece. Johnston notes also that ‘reconfigured snippets from classic love stories and famous dance partnerships’ formed the basis on which her piece is founded, and this makes for a captivating and engaging experience.

Water Stories, choreographed by Stephen Petronio with the company themselves in 2013, was the headline and highlight of the evening.

His second piece devised with NDC Wales (the first, By Singing Light, in 2010), Water Stories encapsulates the, ‘world inspired by the abundant and magical waterscapes of Wales’, says Petronio in his programme description.

A suitably flowing and fluid piece is the result, with the Company at its creative best. Knowing that the piece was developed as a collaborative endeavour made the experience of watching it even more rewarding: not only was it an explorative and questioning piece, but as always, the ‘non-narrative movement constructed and discovered in the process of creating’ (Stephen Petronio) presented the audience with a wonderfully imaginative interpretation of the concept.

Beautifully executed, and a joy to watch, Water Stories is one not to miss.

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RoathCardiff saw NDC Wales’ performance on 10th February 2014 courtesy of Sherman Cymru.

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