Changes to Claude Place Albany Road junction

New plans have been published for changes to the Claude Place/Albany Road Junction.

We reported on the consultation in June and the feedback showed that neither of the proposed options was popular. As a result, the Safer Routes in Communities project has developed a third route.

Flyers showing the revised option were delivered to households locally at the end of 2013. You can see the pdf of the flyer here.

A news traffic island will be placed in Albany Road between Claude Place and the bottom of Penylan Road. A new crossing will be added across Penylan Road and dropped kerbs to aid crossing of Claude Place.

Works are due to start in Feb/March 2014.

Claude Place



  1. Carol Ivory says:

    Personally I think the only road that needed making safer is the bit btween the proposed dropped curbs across Claude Place,
    This is an area that needs to be kept clear of parked vehicles by day and night and an uncontrolled zebra crossing wouls be good. Can’t see how footfall warrants the cost and upheaval of the other stuff.

    We are now suffering at least 8 weeks of total disruption and chaos in the middle of the busy part of Albany Road,largely because Home Bargains must have a massive loading Bay outside their premises.

    The traffic control at the big crossroads ,Albany,City Crwys Rd has been made highly dangerous by the “improvements” last year. Why don’t we sack all the planning people and save their wages. We are better off without them!