Penylan stroke survivor group seeks members and volunteers

A recently formed voluntary stroke survivor group is eager to attract new members and volunteers.

Cardiff Voluntary Group is a communication support group for stroke survivors with aphasia. One in three stroke survivors have aphasia, which means they can find it difficult to speak, read and write.

Ken Harrison, 83, attends the group every week as he has communication issues and central vision loss following his stroke.

Ken communicated that as well as socialising, he enjoys the games and mind exercises they do as a group. He said; “My mind is still sharp but I can’t always get the words out.”

Sali Walsh, organiser of the group, explained; “After a stroke many people feel vulnerable and can become isolated especially with communication issues. The Penylan group offers a safe environment to people to allow them to rebuild their confidence. It can be a gateway to new friendships and developing alternate ways of socialising.”

Claire O’Shea, Information and Campaigns Officer with Stroke Association said; “Voluntary groups are an important part of life after stroke. The peer support they offer is invaluable in helping people gain communication skills and rebuilding their confidence.”

The group meet every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm in Penylan Library and Community Centre.

If you want more information about the group please contact Claire O’Shea at the Stroke Association Wales office on 02920 524407.

Catrin Hopkins, Media Coordinator Wales

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