Cynefin Cardiff reports back on local solutions events

Cynefin is a Welsh Government funded programme managed and co-ordinated by Severn Wye Energy Agency. The aim of Cynefin is to test and develop new processes for supporting people in local places and to engage them in effective policy making to improve sustainability in their areas. The south east Cardiff ward cluster of Adamsdown, Cathays and Plasnewydd has been chosen as the place of focus.

In follow up to the successful Cynefin Community Visioning Event a Cynefin Cardiff Solutions Event took place in the National Museum Cardiff On the 26th September 2013. Sustainability and community professionals, local politicians, academics, businesses and residents were invited to discuss possible solutions to the visions that emerged from the community visioning.

Some of the project suggestions include (more detail in full project report – page numbers emboldened):


Cynefin Solutions Report Vision 1 – Cynefin Cardiff will be a clean and attractive place:

Work with student volunteers and Keep Wales Tidy to survey the cleanliness of a sample of streets. Afterwards the data will be analysed and an intervention strategy design and implemented. Finally the streets will be resurveyed to compare.

There could be an increase in planting flowers around tree bases on streets. A small trial in Plasnewydd suggests that planting in this way can reduce incidents of mis-presentation of waste. More in full report: pp.6-8

Vision 2 – Cynefin Cardiff will be a safe place to walk and cycle:

Develop and implement a “way marking” programme to help promote active travel and better connect the community with its assets.

Many dead ends have high kerbs in the Cynefin Cardiff area. A project that maps out these dead ends and installing drop kerbs would make cycling easier. More in full report: pp. 9-10

Vision 3 – Cynefin Cardiff will be a beautiful and artistically thriving area:

A general discussion took place about which vacant buildings/bits of land could be used for a community purpose. More in full report: pp. 11-13


Vision 4 – Cynefin Cardiff will be a place where people can easily grow food/plants:

Temporary raised beds could be placed on unused land for growing food/plants.

Installation of a ‘roving orchard’: fruit trees on pallets, placed on unused land in an area. When land is needed they can be moved to another location.

Groups/residents could plan and deliver a ‘Green Alley’ (Gully Gardens) project. More in full report: pp. 14-15

Vision 5 – Cynefin Cardiff will be a community free of urban blight:

To use empty shops for community use/artistic displays/for temporary “try out” shops.

Organise an “Energy Neighbourhoods” competition. This involves a group of 5-15 households coming together as a team with the aim of reducing their individual and collective home energy consumption. More in full report: pp. 16-17

The next steps will involve prioritising project ideas and forming working groups that include professionals and residents. A simple flow chart below highlights the upcoming milestones:

Cynefin Cardiff flowchart

The first round of working group meetings will be held at The Gate Arts Centre, Plasnewydd. All meetings will be held between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. The provisional dates for the working groups are as follows:

Thursday 14th Nov – Café Bar (Vision 2 – Transport)

Thursday 21st Nov – Café Bar (Vision 1 – Waste)

Tuesday 26th Nov – Studio 3 (Vision 3 – Art)

Tuesday 3rd Dec – Café Bar (Vision 4 – Growing)

Tuesday 10th Dec – Studio 3 (Vision 5 – Regeneration)

The aims of the meetings are for residents to work with professionals to prioritise, plan and eventually deliver projects that contribute towards helping the community become better and more sustainable place. The meetings are open to all. Tea, coffee and cakes will be provided.

Luke Rice

Cynefin Cardiff Place Coordinator, Severn Wye Energy Agency

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