Elizabeth Tomos: Palimpsest Exchange

Elizabeth Tomos: Palimpsest Exchange

Orange & Yellow. Image copyright Elizabeth TomosElizabeth Tomos is a Carmarthen based multi-disciplinary artist who specialises in site-specific work, performance and installation. This project was originally commissioned as part of Milkfloat Projects; where six artists have been invited to spend three weeks developing a community focused project for the transportable exhibition space: Milkfloat.

‘During three weeks in July 2013, I produced multiple drawings and photographs based on mapping, observing and experiencing the Roath area. This included collaborating with members of the local community, in particular the Roath Local History Society, in order to explore the particular cultural heritage of Roath and the experiences of local people.

The project acted as an opportunity to share factual information, stories and personal reflections on the area and members of the public were invited to exchange photographs taken by me. For each image taken something about Roath had to be left behind: a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a letter, an object.

For ‘Made in Roath’ the palimpsest exchange opportunity has returned to Cardiff MADE (Milkwood Gallery). Please feel free to participate by exchanging my photographs for Roath orientated images, objects, photographs etc. of your own; then type your stories of Roath on the typewriter available at the gallery and perhaps add a dot to the map to represent your favourite place in Roath.

I have made the exchanges from the project in July into a publication which is available for purchase at the gallery.’

Find Elizabeth online here: blog, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter.

Images copyright Elizabeth Tomos

Made in Roath