20mph pilot scheme to go ahead in Roath and Cathays

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Back in the summer you might remember a Council consultation on whether a 20mph pilot zone should go ahead in Roath and Cathays Quite a few of our followers discussed the proposal on Twitter – and residents were about evenly split as to whether it was a good idea, and would be effective, or not.

We contacted local Councillor Dan de’Ath to find out the result, so in case you missed it: the two year pilot has been approved and will begin in March 2014.

You can read more about the consultation in this article on Wales Online.

The full report is also available on the Keeping Cardiff Moving website.

What do you think of the scheme? Will it help or hinder? Leave a comment or tweet us @RoathCardiff.

  1. Carol Ivory says:

    Hope this is example of common sense is soon in operation in all residential areas of Cardiff.

    Do hope we don’t have to put up with lots of new signs though.We are already overcluttered with too many signs for residents parking,yellow line restrictions ,loading bays,taxi bays,individual disabled bays etc.

    • Vic Hellier says:

      Great idea but who will police it, the electronic speed signs in Marlborough Rd flash RED on a regular basis