Roath Community Flood Planning

If you live in Waterloo Gardens or Marlborough Road, this is for you. Bad weather in the last few years has led to the drawing up of plans to help you in case of extreme conditions in the area: in particular, floods.

Tito Lopez from Natural Resources Wales has some advice:

Did you know that there are several hundred properties at risk from flooding here in Roath?

Natural Resources Wales, Cardiff Council and local residents have been working together to improve the community’s resilience to emergency situations.

This local partnership has led to the creation of two Roath Community Flood Plans to aid the properties at risk from flooding around Waterloo Gardens and parts of Marlborough Road.

A Community Flood Plan is similar to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in that local residents work together in some of their own free time for the benefit of the wider community.

If a flood is predicted or witnessed by local residents, there are now several Community Flood Plan Leads who can be contacted to either provide advice or activate the flood plan.

For more information on these Roath Community Flood Planning, email me (Tito Lopez) or give me a call on 02920 245 251.

Tito Lopez