‘The Blue People of Cloud Planet’ by local author

The Blue People of Cloud Planet – Brian Wolfenden

The Blue People of Cloud PlanetI was born in Cardiff and was a scientist during my working life. Now retired, I am aspiring to be a science fiction author and have published my first book – The Blue People of Cloud Planet – which is Volume 1 of the trilogy – Quest of the Dicepterons. It is available in paperback at Wellfield Bookshop and online here

I have always been fascinated by space travel and am utterly convinced that life exists elsewhere in the Universe. In 1972 Pioneer 10 was launched and it carried a gold plaque showing man and our location in the galaxy. Back then I wondered if that plaque would ever be seen again and the grains of a story formed. 40 years later I have written that story.

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Story synopsis

Six year old Jack Parker squealed with delight as Pioneer 10 blasted off from Cape Canaveral on its journey to photograph Jupiter and then onwards endlessly towards the stars.

How could this young man have imagined that this was a pivotal moment for subsequent Parker generations who became astronauts with dreams of travelling to the stars.

Join Scott Parker and Olivia Medici as they board their spaceship in 2150 for a one way ticket to the star Seren, 10 light years away. There they discover the Blue People, a unique species who are threatened to extinction by a hidden menace.

This fast moving space adventure is highly imaginative and explores how life might have evolved at another star. The reader is kept guessing as the plot twists and turns and slowly the presence of ‘something else out there’ becomes apparent. Enter the Dicepterons – imagine the unimaginable!

Brian Wolfenden

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Image credit: book cover image used by Brian Wolfenden with permission from NASA and STScl (Hubble website)