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Asbestos Spider spins national web of intrigue

A report from WalesOnline announcing the discovery of the skin of what could be a rare Chilean Rose Tarantula in a Roath property, has sparked huge interest in the national press and online.  The skin was found by a surveyor investigating a local house for the presence of asbestos, which could mean the escaped spider is contaminated.

Escape from the tarantula!  Image copyright I Loves the 'Diff

The Independent’s story is accompanied by a horrifying photo of the type of spider it is thought to be, while The Sun issues a warning that ‘asbestos spider runs free’.  The Metro advises locking our doors, as there’s ‘a giant asbestos infected tarantula on the loose’, and TNT Magazine go one further with their headline ‘Giant cancer-spreading tarantula on loose in Cardiff?’

It’s quite a story, and a creature we wouldn’t want to run into, but nobody knows if it’s alive or dead, nor (yet) whether it has absorbed any asbestos – tests are being run on the discarded skin.

Don’t panic – but don’t pick it up either…

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Image courtesy of and copyright I Loves the ‘Diff