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Original Meek’s building demolished

Building adjacent to Meek's


On Wednesday we visited the site of the former A G Meek’s building on Albany Road, to find it now completely demolished.

Speaking with the building foreman, it appears many of the older Roath residents have been regaling him with tales of how Meek’s was one of the first shops in the area (they had been trading on Albany Road for 100 years in 2012).

The builders have taken down the entire premises, ready for a Sainsbury’s to be constructed – by June we’re told – building these days taking much less time than in days gone by, and especially as a lot of it will be a steel construction with a glass frontage.


Residents in Angus Street have reportedly been making their concerns and anger about the road being closed for an extended period to the builders, and they will be suffering this for some months to come.

Cellar beneath Meek's

Despite not finding any artefacts of historical interest when demolishing the store, the foreman told us that they thought the site might once have been a pub of some kind, as near to the end of the demolition process they found a substantial cellar, with outlets to Albany Road that could have served to deliver barrels of beer; and steps down from ground level, indicating that the cellar was certainly used on a regular basis.  Perhaps it was used in wartime as a shelter?

Do you have any information about this?  Please ask your older relatives and neighbours – we’d like to get as much information as possible, and if you have any photographs of Meek’s or any business the site hosted before then, we’d love to see those too.



  1. stu says:

    Odd to see yet another supermarket in this area. a few years ago I moved from Penylan Rd after living there for 12 years, to Llanedeyrn for mortgage reasons, odd to see the main shopping center there: Maelfa is only 3 miles from Albany Rd and has only one poorly stocked supermarket and an estimated 25 empty units. Plenty of parking too. it just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Phoebe Weber says:

    What a shame- I assumed the building was unsafe and this is why it had been demolished. Gutted to learn a steel and glass sainsburys will replace it. What a waste. Outrageous.

  3. owen Evans says:

    The residents of Roath do not need another supermarket.
    How any Tesco’s etc do we have in a 1 mile radius??? Too many.
    Small businesses are fast becoming a thing of the past in this area. The corporations bully boy tactics are paving the way for a very very boring future.
    Thanks but no thanks

    Kind regards

    Just another number