Getting fit in Roath Park

New local blogger Jenny Awford, of Higher Tone, introduces her article ‘Get fit in Roath Park’ that appears in full on her blog.

Desperate to get back into shape and dramatically improve your level of fitness? Look no further than Roath Park.

Parks up and down the country have burst into life with an influx of boot camps, running clubs and yoga classes.  Roath Park, with its beautiful lake and pleasure gardens, offers an idyllic setting in which to workout and unwind.

There is a class for everyone, depending on whether you’re hoping to lose post-baby weight, attempt Nordic walking or really push yourself to the limit with an intense military regime.

Read more about my experiences at the different exercise classes available in Roath Park:

Roath Park in Cardiff is the ideal setting to kick-start your January fitness regime and keep you motivated all year long. This popular park retains its classic Victorian charm and attracts runners and fitness enthusiasts from all over Cardiff. The vast playing fields, pleasure gardens and stunning 2.1km running track around Roath Lake makes this park the perfect setting for outdoor based exercise classes.

The Terra Nova Cafe and Penylan Community Centre also provide leisure facilities for indoor classes, especially during the winter months. I will endeavour to introduce you to a number of different and unique classes based in Roath Park which were highly recommended to me from a variety of people committed to fitness in Cardiff…continue reading


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