Roath welcomes new bloggers

We at RoathCardiff are always glad to welcome new bloggers to the area, and with the recent start of this year’s Trainee Journalism course at Cardiff University, we already know of three.

First coming to our attention during Made in Roath 2012, Nick Pritchard and Henry McMorrow entered into the spirit of things by not only participating in the Festival, but blogging about some of the events too.

Nick was one of the brave souls who took part in our 4am Project for Made in Roath, blogging about this Festival event and others at offbeatcardiff, and Henry has taken an artistic theme for his blog thepickcardiff, getting involved with Made in Roath, and seeking a wider connection with Cardiff’s artistic and theatrical community.

We are also intrigued by what is billed as a ‘hyper-hyperlocal blog’ run by Nick and Henry’s colleague Sheri Hall: cardiffcityroad.

Please visit their sites and get involved – we wish them the best on their course – and you’ll be seeing them as guest writers on RoathCardiff while they’re living in, and blogging about, Roath.

First up, Nick has blogged about the squatters currently living in The Gaiety (or Spin Building), where Made in Roath 2012 held a Requiem for the Lost Architecture of Cardiff, featuring Côr Cyfoes.

Find and follow these bloggers on twitter to keep up to date with their posts:

Nick, offbeatcardiff

Henry, thepickcardiff

Sheri, cardiffcityroad

  1. Hiya, I’m also writing a Cardiff based blog about bike culture in the city. I live in Roath and a lot of my posts are related to the area. Check out my post on Punk Bikes off city road

    • Geraldine says:

      Hi, what a lovely blog! Great – if you’d like us to re-publish anything as a guest post (linking back to your blog of course), or fancy writing a completely new guest post for us, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via our contact form. Do tweet us as well if you post Roath based stories. Thanks!