Inner Spin: Inside the City Road Squat

New Roath blogger Nick Pritchard, of Offbeat Cardiff, introduces his article about The Gaiety, ‘Inner Spin: Inside the City Road Squat’ on City Road that appears in full on his blog.


Draped in anarchist banners and bedecked with graffiti, the abandoned Spin Bowling Alley on City Road is now home to activist squatters ‘The Gremlins’.

‘The Gremlins’ have now been squatting in the Alley for some time. The group have re-named the old building ‘Gremlin Alley Social Centre’.

The building is at the heart of their campaign and they hope to establish the stunning listed building as a new community centre for Cardiff.

When I first entered the squat the ‘Gremlin’ showing me around the Alley turned back to me and said: ‘this way to the bedroom’.

The bedroom is a massive hall in the heart of the derelict building. The first thing that hit me was the sheer amount of graffiti, some of it political quotes and bizarre drawings, and I spotted a few famous bits of Cardiff graffiti (a couple of Lembo tags in there). Every inch of the walls is covered.

I ventured on through the squat guided by one activist squatter…

Read about my full exploration of the squat and view the entire photo gallery on my blog here.

Nick Pritchard


Image copyright Nick Pritchard