Roath People: Christina Thatcher

I have written more poetry about Roath than any other place in Wales.  Not only because I am the writer-in-residence at the Milkwood Gallery, but because there is something unique and wonderful about this community.  Beneath the diverse store fronts and rows of terraced houses is a thriving network of artists, writers, film-makers, and other creatives brought together by the vibrancy contained in this neighbourhood.  It is hard to say what specifically drew these people here – the many parks, the Victorian architecture, the exciting food – but, whatever it was, the love Roath residents have for their home is nothing short of inspiring.

For this reason, I seek every opportunity to contribute to the positive, creative atmosphere of this community. If you would like to read about the projects I’m working on in and around Roath please visit my website.

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Christina is taking part in the Made in Roath Festival this weekend:

Milkwood Musings: Talk, Walk and Write Milkwood Gallery, Saturday 20th October, 10am

Voices of Roath Open Mic Night Thé Pot, Saturday 20th October, 8.30pm