Wales Blog Awards Winner 2014

Roath People: Angie Dutton

I love Mill Gardens with its dogs and ducks, Roath Park picnics, Albany and Wellfield Roads’ eateries and shopping at Roath Farmers’ Market and Allen’s secret bakery.  The area is dotted with fascinating buildings and architectural details from St Margaret’s Church with its Bute tombs to the faded painted adverts around the Mackintosh Institute.  The Edwardian planners of Penylan’s tree lined streets would be delighted it still thrives. Ten years ago I started an art and aesthetics degree and discovered our buzzing creative community.  Through helping organise the Cardiff Design Festival I know what it takes to make events like Made in Roath happen, so appreciate their team and others’ work in supporting local designers, artists and doers.  Events that promote participation engender a sense of community, joy, pride and belonging and I think that’s hugely valuable for us all.

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