Cardiff Street Food Festival launches in Roath

Cardiff Street Food Festival logo

Cardiff’s first Street Food Festival will be launched in Roath on 17 November.

While for years the height of eating on the move was a burger van in the pub car park, a new modern, global take on street food has swept through cities around the UK. This international phenomenon is now coming to Cardiff.

Street food has grown in popularity over the last year or two, giving new chefs a chance to build a name for themselves and introducing diners to new flavours and cuisines from around the world. The most popular attract followings in the thousands using social media to let those in the know find out where they will pop up next.

The Cardiff Street Food Festival will be hosted at the home of the popular Roath Real Food farmers’ market in the car park of the Mackintosh Centre on Keppoch Street.

The man behind the Festival is Deri Reed, better know to many as The Ethical Chef. He told us:

“There are some fantastically varied and exciting chefs working in Cardiff and I want to create an event which celebrates their talents. The Festival will give them a chance to reach out to more people and show off their skills and the fabulous local produce that they use.

“I’m keeping the line-up close to my chest but there will be some of Cardiff’s most popular and interesting chefs on board, as a well as a few surprises from further afield. This is going to be massive,” he said.

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