‘Women in Black & White’ at The SHO Gallery

A new exhibition showcasing the work of artists Sarah-Louise Wilkinson and Sara Zanocchio opens at the SHO Gallery in Roath on Friday 7th September.

Curated by Alice Randone, the show brings together two complementary but very different artists. Wilkinson uses a pinhole camera to gradually capture impressions of light on film, while Zanocchio employs essential lines, a little colour and extreme simplicity to find ‘a symbolism to convey the result of her contemplation to the viewer’.

Women in Black & White

“I have always wanted to curate my own exhibition and I guess I was just waiting for the right work to come along,” says Alice. “I have followed Sara’s progression since she started painting a few years ago and I think her work has now developed an unique and captivating personality.

“I was looking for another artist to accompany her work; looking for the same images as seen by someone else. I found it in the work of Sarah-Louise Wilkinson. I visited the Cardiff School of Art and Design’s 2012 summer show a couple of months ago and I found myself stuck in front of the haunting and yet delicate figures in her pictures. The fascination grew even further when I found out that Sarah-Louise herself is the subject of all her pictures. So this is an exhibition of women portrayed by women. Sometimes with critical eyes, sometimes with kind eyes and sometimes just with open eyes.”

The exhibition runs until 10th October, with an opening preview at 7pm on Friday 7th September.