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Cardiff Cycle Festival kicks off today, 16th-30th June.  It’s also the beginning of Samsung Bike Week, which aims to encourage everyday cycling for all.  To demonstrate my support for both events and to celebrate my love of cycling, I have organised Bike Art Trail Cardiff 2012.  This event combines creativity and cycling, with two exhibitions of bike related art work in Milkwood Gallery and The PrintHaus, and two window displays in Milgi and The Sho Gallery.


It is a fine line between obsession and passion, and I admit that cycling is an obsession!  I stopped driving a year ago, when I moved from a rural town to Cardiff, realising I didn’t need a car to get around anymore and had built the stamina needed to cycle anywhere I chose (pretty much, with the help of the odd train).  Driving a car just isn’t the most efficient mode of transport in the city.  I like to know I’m moving forwards. I work to promote cycling and it shows in my artwork, which is why I created my blog art.spoke.soul.  It is a way of sharing routes and cycling information creatively, in a format that I hope people will enjoy reading.



Cycling has become more and more popular in Cardiff recently and it feels (as a daily cyclist), that Cardiff hasn’t had the means to support this boom of two wheeled transport we are seeing.  Cyclists are not always safely placed as road users, and at times car drivers and pedestrians respond negatively.  I think by taking part in Cardiff Cycle Festival organised by Cardiff Council, we can make a statement that demands our needs for a safe cycling city.



The Bike Art Trail suggests a route from Llandaff Road in Canton, crossing Cathedral Road to Sophia Gardens and over The River Taff. Exiting Bute Park at North Road, cyclists may cross safely at a signalled cycle crossing, through Cathays and over to Roath.  The suggested route is available to download here: along with detailed directions. Copies are available from Milkwood Gallery, Sho Gallery, Cyclopaedia, Reg Braddick, The Bike Shed, PrintHaus and Sustrans (Bute Street).



Sophie Victoria Elliott is resident in Milkwood Gallery Basement from 20th-30th June.  She will be undergoing car free travel from Caerphilly to Cardiff, exploring the array of colours on her journey with photography, cycle maps and signage.  She will capture her journeys in circular form which will represent the bicycle wheel and environmental cycles connecting ‘us’ with the world.  Geology is the beginning of Sophie’s Welsh artistic journey and she will be engaging with man’s impact on our landscape (industry, buildings and roads) as traditionally denoted by artists.


Thanks to venues: Milkwood Gallery, Sho Gallery, PrintHaus and Milgi.  Thanks to sponsors: Cyclopaedia, The Bike Shed, and Reg Braddick.  Thanks to Cardiff Council for the Cardiff Cycle Festival.  Find out more about events happening:

Lucy Baker

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