What do you love about Roath? Mapped at Made in Spring

Roath Map Made in Spring 2012

We were kindly invited to take a stall at the Made in Spring fiesta to show off the RoathCardiff blog. As well as selling postcards of Roath, RoathCardiff cakes and our hot-off-the-press RoathCardiff bags for life, we thought we’d play a little game.

Roath Cardiff MapSo we asked people to write down what they loved about Roath and pin it to a great big map of the area.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Park featured most prominently – a lot of people’s favourite place to walk, run, sit and ice-cream. The Albanys – both Fish Bar and Hotel – were celebrated among a wide range of Roath’s restaurants and pubs. And there’s lots of evidence of how friendly we Roathians are with plenty of mentions for people’s home streets.

RoathCardiff regular Jess has turned the real pins into virtual pins with this Google map.

RoathCardiff stall

Browse through the pins and see if your favourite places get a mention – you may find something new to explore in the area. And if there’s anything missing, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the map.

Tell us “What I love about Roath”, where to put the pin and your name.


View Mapped: “What I Love About Roath” in a larger map

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  1. what a lovely map Roath Bloggers, clever Jess! Would be great to find out more about the Jimi Hendrix story wouldn’t it?

  2. Is that true about Jimi Hendrix ? Who left the note, do you know ?
    What a great story if it is

    • Matt Appleby says:

      There was no name on the note sorry Steve. But it does say FACT, underlined on it. So it must be true 🙂