Made in Spring – Zolibeau Exhibition at Waterloo Gardens Tea House

Zolibeau Exhibition at Waterloo Gardens Tea House

Sustaining design at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

April 3rd will see Waterloo Gardens Teahouse debut the latest in design-led sustainable fashion.  The collection is aptly named ‘Full of Lovely Treasure’, speaking of the fabric’s natural heritage.

Rescuing delicate vintage lace and fabric that was destined for a landfill, and combining it with vintage Japanese kimono silk, Cardiff based design duo Zolibeau have created a wistful, eye-catching collection with sustainable integrity from collar to hem.  Zolibeau demonstrate, with sincere beauty, how things discarded can be worked into wearable, stylish pieces, and similar to opening a treasure chest, the collection shows the beautiful fabrics and the stories behind them to great success.

Image: Betina Skovbro

Sarah Valentin and Julia Harris, the two sisters behind Zolibeau, enlisted friends and fellow design collective r.a.j.e. to exhibit with them at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse.  r.a.j.e. are a four-way design house focusing on ethical streetwear.  Using more of the vintage kimono silk, but this time combining it with original r.a.j.e. fabric another sustainable piece with a new aesthetic was created.

At the heart of both Zolibeau and r.a.j.e’s ethos is a driving passion for sustainable design and a firm belief that fast fashion is not the way forward.  Clothes should be treasured, cared for, and form an integral part of your wardrobe: not thrown away after a few weeks.  Zolibeau and r.a.j.e. – while using different aesthetics -unite with a demand for high quality, design led pieces that will fit, flatter and endure.

The collection is being exhibited in Waterloo Gardens Teahouse  in the Roath area of Cardiff from 3rd – 27th April with a grand opening on April 5th 6.30pm.

For more information on Zolibeau see:

For more information on r.a.j.e. see:

Zolibeau is an established name in ethical design and r.a.j.e. is a fledging award winning design house.  The combination of the two is an innovative collaboration.

Zolibeau is on Facebook here and twitter here.  r.a.j.e. is on twitter here.

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  1. Cardiff says:

    Despite using waste fabric, Zolibeau designers were able to create beautiful designs for their exhibition at the Tea Garden. This will not only encourage other designers to recycle waste fabric but will also help to reduce soil pollution.