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Made in Spring – Charity Art Auction Success

Saturday March 31st saw Made in Spring’s Charity Art Auction take place at The Gate Arts Centre, which was a hugely enjoyable event. We’re delighted to publish a guest post from the successful bidder, Claire Bottomley, who tells us here about her relationship with Sue Williams’ painting, and why she is so delighted to now own it.

I am completely thrilled to have been successful at the recent Made in Spring auction of the Sue Williams‘ painting “Two by Two”, and am now the proud owner of the painting by the local (and internationally acclaimed) artist.  I’d been looking forward to the auction for a few weeks and was quite excited about the prospect of not only bidding in my first ever auction, but also knowing that IF (and it was a big IF) I were successful, then not only would I own a lovely piece of art, but also the money made by the sale would directly support the fabulous Made in Roath festival for this year, as well as providing a donation to Cardiff Mind.

I first saw Sue Williams’ work at the Artes Mundi exhibition in 2006, and her art made a lasting impression on me, so I literally stopped in my tracks when I first saw “Two by Two” at the Milkwood Gallery last year, and think in my heart of hearts that I may have been destined to share my home with this piece since then!  I think it is a powerful image in which the two girls manage to look tough and vulnerable in equal measures, and I love the artist’s quality of line.  This is certainly a big first for me and was a wonderful experience.

I have hugely enjoyed previous Made in Roath events, especially helping out at ‘Open House’ for a close friend of mine who is a local artist (Gwen Davies), and celebrating the richness and diversity of art, creativity and culture in such a lovely part of Cardiff.  I’m also pleased to have been able to make a contribution to Cardiff Mind, having had a long association with the charity, both as a founder member of Cardiff Women in Mind (25 years ago!) and through my work over many years with Mind Cymru.

So the association with Made in Roath, Cardiff Mind and my previous career really was serendipidy!  Hilary Westwood spoke at the auction about the work of Cardiff Mind and the impact of poor mental health on both individuals and wider society, giving a message of hope as well as emphasising that there is still need for changing attitudes and better support services.

I’d like to thank Jen Pearce for her hard work on organising the auction, as well as Boyd Clack and Sian Donovan who both gave moving, witty and insightful musical and spoken performances in support of the event, which was hosted by The Gate.  All I can say is that I am a very happy girl, and I wish Made in Roath all the best success for 2012!

Claire Bottomley

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