Roath People: Norma Jean Finnegan

I moved to Cardiff after graduating from a photography degree in Carmarthen in 2009. The people have only been lovely to me since I came here, and I can see myself here for some time.

I live in Cathays but venture into Roath almost every day. I work in the Globe in the evenings and get to meet a lot of the locals that way.

I also have an addiction to the charity shops on Albany Road (seriously, I have a problem!).

You’re never short of choice when popping in for a tea and cake anywhere either. With most places offering free WIFI, you’re never short of choice.

The parks are ideal for strolling round having picnics, and with all the new flowers starting to arrive, it makes me feel lucky this is all on my door step!

Norma Jean’s photography business is based in The Globe Centre, Roath.

Find Norma Jean on Facebook here and follow her on twitter here.

  1. Calum Ross says:

    We love Norma Jean!

    A lovely, talented, creative addition to Roath!

  2. Wayne says:

    I absolutely adore NJ, such a great photographer who has worked alongside me on many of my ventures and she’s been a big supporter of everything I do! Roath just wouldn’t be the same without you Girl xx