Roath People: Cara Reed

I’ve only ever lived in Roath as a student – thing is I’ve been a student on and off for nine years, so far, racking up four degrees and currently in my last year of my PhD .
My return to academia after a brief spell working for a living also signalled a return to Roath.
So why come back? Albany Fish Bar alone would convince me, but all the other amenities on your doorstep also make life easy here. I like buying cards in Paperweight, buying sweets in Tea & Cake, picking up a deal in Home Bargains, visiting the farmers market, and eating out at Ichiban, Empire, or Troy.
I also like picking up a kebab or chicken and chips from City Road at the end of a night out – just so I can relive my younger student exploits.

Cara is @reedcara on twitter