The Great Roath Bake Off – a great success


On Saturday night in a packed Coffi House on Wellfield Road, 35 of Roath’s best bakers competed in the Great Roath Bake Off. The shop had been decked out for the occasion in hand-made bunting and there was standing room only by the time the competition kicked off.

Organiser Wayne Courtney is well known locally for organising events and for his support of Roath’s independent businesses.


Wayne Courtney

Wayne getting into the spirit of the occasion


From the start at 5:30 a queue of bakers waited to submit their entries – a massive range of sweet and savouries of all shapes and sizes. Judging was going to be a touch challenge!

Thanks to an earlier post on this site I’d been invited to join the panel – alongside Sara, Nikki and Emma – all food bloggers or bakers (or both).

A Victoria sponge started proceedings and the bakes came through thick and fast over the next hour or so, each one rated out of 10 for taste, appearance and originality. Across the 35 entries we tasted everything from Cookie Monster cake to spinach tart – and even a replica of the Coffi House itself in cake form.

Picking a winner was made very difficult by the standard of the entries.

But before we got on to that, we had to add an extra special prize for a young 6-year old called Silas. He entered a very well baked, bright green sponge cake which he called ‘Weird Cake’ – it was delicious and worthy of prize for the name alone! He said he made it because it’s funny.

Third Prize

Stefanie Lehman – Pineapple Praline Creme Torte

Stefanie said: “I made this cake because I’m German and this shows off the German way of making cakes – and it’s delicious.”


Pineapple Praline Torte and Sticky Toffee Walnut cake

Pineapple praline torte (front) and sticky toffee walnut tart


Second Prize

Lisa Watts – Sticky Toffee Walnut Tart

Lisa said: “Yum yum! I love sticky toffee sauce and I love that the walnuts’ taste is transformed with cooking – and they do say nuts are good for you!”


First Prize – Winner of the Great Roath Bake Off 2012

Kate Lloyd Hughes – Earl Grey infused Chocolate Cake

Kate with her winning cake


Kate said: “I’ve never made this before – I only decided to make it this afternoon. It’s the recipe on the cover of one of a recipe book by Gizzi Erskine.”

Kate’s sister Emma came with her to the Bake Off after persuading her to enter at lunchtime.

“I love baking and make cakes all the time. People tell me I should be going for the Great British Bake Off. After winning this tonight, I’m tempted!” she told us.

Kate’s cake had won on taste, creativity and quality of baking.

As the competition drew to a close and the party began, local soul and blues singer Calum Ross took to the stage. He even managed to persuade the multi-talented Wayne to join him for a song.

The Great Roath Bake Off was a great Roath success and – we hope – here’s to next year?





There are more photos in the Flickr group (slideshow above) – you can join the group and upload your pictures if you’d like to share them.

Wayne Courtney has written about the Bake Off on his own blog here and Nikki has updated her blog ‘Your Last Mouthful’ with a post and pictures here.


  1. Wayne courtney says:

    Oh Nooo Abbey mentioned The Penis Cake!!

  2. Abbey nurton says:

    I loved the penis cake , fab night as always… Hope there’s more to come and I promise to help a little more this time! Great to meet all the fabulous roath community x x

  3. Mel Poyser says:

    Was a brilliant night. Thanks to Wayne and everyone else who helped organise it. Look forward to the next event.

  4. Wayne courtney says:

    I’m so glad so many people enjoyed and was delighted to have the help from Jade Becca & Calum! Plenty more fun events planned for 2012 x

  5. Sharmeen says:

    Well done Wayne! Looks like you had a fab time.

  6. Calum Ross says:

    What a brilliant night straight from the heart of Roath! Great cakes & great people! Congrats Wayne on organising such a fab night 🙂

  7. lisa watts says:

    had a great night brilliant to see so many people out and supporting local independant businesses . totally thrilled at coming second amongst so many fantastic creations. never thought i would hear myself say it but i actually was completely caked out ate so many delicious cakes x super yummy x

  8. Rachelle says:

    Haha a meal afterwards emma thats impressive! Aaw thanks for the compliment – my lil coffi house cake was my very first attempt at baking a cake since about 14yrs ago when we had home economics at school…opened the oven & it just flopped like a pancake…never bothered since but had to send sylv & barry out with a little tribute to all their hard work & support in local events! Until next year! My pics will be on facebook shortly [email protected] to add me as i’m private profile x

  9. Becca says:

    Well done Wayne on such a successful bake off! Had a great evening and hope everyone enjoyed the decorations. For more info on Crafty Cakes and for purchase details for bunting take a look at our website or email [email protected] x

  10. Emma Gilbertson says:

    I had such a great evening and was honoured to be asked to judge. Thank you to everyone who has made me feel a part of the community. Quick plug: If anyone comes across anything newsy: events, crimes, issues in Roath (particularly Plasnewydd) let me know on [email protected] I’m always looking for stories for the Cardiffian. Rachelle, I only just managed to get through the cakes, I went out for dinner afterwards and failed miserably. If I remember rightly one of your cakes came in my top 5!

    • Ian Layzell says:

      Emma – anything newsy? Apparently some 30 cakes were abducted from a coffee house in Wellfield Rd last night. And, according to local socialite Lord Courtney, a Mr Berman is supportive of a massage parlour in Wellfield Road (I think that’s what he said).

  11. lorraine says:

    Hey Wayne Angel,Thankyou so much for a fantastic evening,great turn out of people and high quality baking:0) your hosting skills are fab!! You should have your own TV Show:0) Lots of the from the Irish Girls X x x

  12. Rachelle says:

    What a fabulous night! Indeed paracetamol for breakfast & lunch…Was wonderful to see everyone in the local community come together and enjoy delicious cakes, pies & pastries in a bunting-tastic decked out coffi house. Everyone made such a huge effort-brilliant to see! As always Sylv & Barry & Tom&Vicky were the perfect hosts to a fantastic evening! I will be sorry to see them go! Also second wayne thanks to judges who must have been stuffed after 35entries! Callum superb-take that songs please next time! Was lovely to meet new people and I too hope it becomes an annual event! Wayne as always the perfect compare for any event! xxx

  13. Rhi says:

    Another great night Lord Waynie! And the cakes looked awesome! X

  14. Ian Layzell says:

    The Great Roath Bake Off was indeed a great success. Judges of the highest integrity (grovel), fabulous cakes (and qhiches), great music from Calum Ross and friend, beautifully sensitive and soulful recital from the Chicago boys. Good to meet more Roath locals and near neighbours. Big thank you to Laird Wayne and to Sylvia and Barry and Tom of Coffi House for hosting so generously; did the ham baps get a prize? How do I get my pics onto this site? Last question – Matt, how did you manage to get up so early to post your report?
    Off to Coffi House now for brunch!

  15. Dan says:

    I’m Kates’ boyfriend – im really proud of her! Her cakes are always amazing and she should totally go for the Great British Bake off – she could teach Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry a thing or two!

  16. Wayne says:

    And a big thankyou to Matt & Geraldine and everyone involved in this site for the support they give for every event I’m involved in. Also Sylvia and Barry from the Coffi House for putting on a buffet & free bar after the event. Cake may have been the supper choice last night but paracetamols are gonna be the breakfast choice for most this morning! Thanks to everyone involved, much appreciated x

    • Matt says:

      It’s a pleasure Wayne – thanks again for getting us involved. What a top night! Keep us posted with any future news or events please.