Art Club

Jennifer Pearce, arts professional, and volunteer with Made in Roath and art gallery g39 (recently relocated to Roath), has written us a guest post about her new venture, Art Club.

Meeting today at 12 noon, Saturday 11th February, to visit the Contemporary Galleries at the National Museum, and later the Martin Tinney Gallery, Jennifer introduces Art Club here.


So many people say art isn’t for them, or feel they need knowledge or money to access the subject.  Art on television and radio has improved, making it more accessible, whilst treating the audience with respect and giving in depth discussion.  But the audience has not expanded as much as this would suggest.  Art Club exists to break down barriers between this interest and the reality of gallery visits.

Book Clubs helped people expand their reading, try new things and meet people.  Why not do that with art?  I created Art Club to begin the process of encouraging people to feel included and enjoy the visual arts by inviting friends along one by one, and every time, they wanted to stay longer than planned.

Art Club expands the invite to all to come on this voyage of discovery, see more, see something new, discuss old favourites, meet people and have an enjoyable and interesting time.



Each month a show or exhibition is viewed in your own time or at the group view.  We’ll then discuss it over a drink at The Gower Pub (located on the borders of Roath and Cathays), Cardiff on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 2pm.


Visit for full listings.

You can follow Jennifer on twitter here.