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Comedy Playground – The Globe

Thank you to Elaine who’s written this great guest post for us – it sounds a riot!


Sunday 29th January saw the third Comedy Playground take place at The Globe on Albany Road.

Hosted by Rhod Gilbert, Comedy Playground aims to be an ‘alternative comedy night’ showcasing some well-known names alongside newcomers from the world of comedy.

For attendees at Sunday night’s show however, there came the shocking news that Rhod Gilbert was too ill to perform!   A last minute host was rounded up, and instead of Rhod and his rants, we were treated to the much friendlier comedy styling of Josh Widdicombe.   Josh, it turns out, is a very funny guy.   Aided in part by some completely unintelligible videos Rhod had sent from his bathroom (to prove he was ill), Josh was a superb host and a great start to the evening.

The first guest was the (not unattractive) Stuart Goldsmith from ITV’s “Show Me the Funny”.   Stuart was entertaining although most of his routine was based around trying to coerce the crowd into having anonymous sex with each other.  The audience, for the most part, didn’t really fancy the idea.

After another great set from Josh we found ourselves welcoming relative newcomer and Welsh lad Matt Rees to the stage.  Matt is a comedian I’ll be keeping my eye on.   He’s young, fresh, and bloody funny. It’s always a pleasure to see someone this good, on the way up, and I feel 2012 is going to be a good year for Matt.

Other comedians on the night where James Acaster  & Henry Paker.   Both these guys have been doing the rounds in 2011 on Russell Howards Good News, Dave’s One Night Stand, and the like.  They are both very funny men and definitely worth a watch.  The standout standup of the night however has to be Henry Paker.   A set largely based on being tall and middle class had me laughing so hard my tonsils ached.

What makes the Comedy Playground stand out from other comedy nights I’ve attended, is its relaxed atmosphere and lack of format.  Pretty much anything goes.  The Globe is the ideal venue for such an evening.  With no more than 200 people in attendance, it’s fun, relaxed, unexpected, and even better, affordable.  Tickets are £10 and of the two Comedy Playgrounds I’ve attended so far, ridiculously good value for money.

Next month’s show is taking place on Sunday 19th February with Rhod Gilbert out of the bathroom and back in the role of host.  Getting tickets isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds however.  Up to now tickets have been made available sporadically at Spillers Records, online, and even sold from the back of a van in the valleys.  If you want to (and you should) attend February’s show I recommend following Comedy Playground on Twitter or check out their Facebook page.


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