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Cake Club: Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

In the first of an occasional series, Lisa Derrick introduces us to the delights of sampling the many cakes on offer in Roath – your local Café Quarter!


The first rule of Cake Club is: You do not talk about…no, no, no, that’s all wrong.  Unlike Fight Club, a main requirement of our Roath-born Cake variety is to encourage talking.  About cake.

We at RoathCardiff love to come up with new ideas for Roath-related articles, and we are all agreed that cake opportunities are a highlight of the area.  With multiple cafés, and even several café bars serving the stuff, we really are spoilt for choice in North East Cardiff.  And as the biggest cake addict, I got the job of reporting.  It’s tough, but somebody has to do it.

My first official foray into Roath Cake reporting was on a wet and windy December 8th.  I’d taken time off my day job to work toward an upcoming assignment deadline and decided the famous Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, just a puddle peppered hop skip and jump away from my flat, would be the ideal place to make some notes, and of course, eat some cake.

Part time study has its advantages. I’ve let you know about the study-context of my visit, as perhaps then you’ll forgive me for ordering a standard breakfast tea, despite the café’s 50 plus varieties.  I needed caffeine.

And the sweet icing on this pick-me-up was a slice of lime and courgette cake.  I’d intended on giving the first Cake Club entry a seasonal focus, but as there were no mince pies on offer I opted for one of the café’s many other wonderful cake varieties.

It took a while to decide, but was glad to have selected this light, moist, creamy and delicious option – which surely counted as two of my five a day with the presence of lime and courgette.

So there you have it.  Cake Club is about sharing Roath based Cake-y goodness.  We are interested in good cake recommendations.  Let us know, send us pictures, send us words.  And in the interest of science, journalistic truth, and fulfilling my sweet tooth, I’ll happily follow your leads.



  1. Michael Fogg says:

    An excellent article – and I can heartily endorse the Waterloo Gardens Tearoom as having simply superb cakes. Their coffee is Pretty darn good too! As a local resident, it’s become my favourite place to have a quiet half an hour.

  2. Ian Layzell says:

    Graldine – can’t believe you posted this 19 Dec and no responses (until now). Either nobody is interested in cakes (impossible)or nobody read your post (unthinkable). We have heard rumour of a local cake bake competition in February. Any idea who’s behind this and where?

    PS: if you need any help sampling local cake offerings…….

    • Geraldine says:

      Haha! Thanks for your comments! Quite so : ) Yes, it’s the Great Roath Bake Off, at the Coffi House, February 18th. See my post! Always happy to receive contributions for Cake Club or anything else Roath related.