Roath People: Tom Betts

In a few days I’ll have been back in Roath for a year.  My girlfriend and I rented a tiny flat on Claude Road straight after graduation, which nicely coincided with Chapter’s brief but glorious period running the Globe cinema nearby.

I saw The Limey and Election there, both of which I definitely recommend.  I am a film person, by the way.  I make films and put together film events in Cardiff.  I hosted the first Roathbud night for the Made in Roath festival shortly before we moved back, which was a great reintroduction to the area and its many lovely occupants.  We did it again this year and it was even more fun, so I’m hoping it’ll become a regular thing.

I am also secretly plotting some more film events for Roath over the coming months. Don’t tell anyone.


Tom Betts’ first feature film Secrecy is being shown at Chapter on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th December.  Read South Wales’ film blog Lights, Camera, Cardiff‘s interview with Tom here.

Follow Tom on twitter and see more of his work on vimeo.