Roath People: Matt Jarrett

I’m from Cwmbran.  I like s*** local pubs where old people argue about diseases and the lounge still smells of smoke more than 4 years after the smoking ban was enforced. Roath is ideal for this.  One of these pubs has a parrot.

Music and attitude-wise, Roath is punk to Canton’s twee.  No knitting clubs on this side of the river.  At least, none that are tweeted about.  We’re even hardy enough to walk into town for gigs and stuff. Without stopping at an arts centre first.

I’ve lived in Canton, Grangetown and the bay in my time.  Roath wins.  Mainly because of the abundance of convenient cash point machines.  And Mina.  And Albany Fish Bar.  And Elm Street.  And punk rock bowls.

Could do with an aquarium.  Or zoo.  And is too far away from Cardiff City Stadium.


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