Exhibition: ‘Wild and Cultivated’ at Oriel Makers

Helen Lush, a founder member of the Roath Botanic Garden Artists group, writes about the group’s first exhibition, with the aim of celebrating the local flora.

Roath Botanic Garden Artists’ was formed in 2010 by Cardiff artists Helen Lush and Louise Young.  The idea was to celebrate the plant life of Cardiff’s parks and wild places through paintings and drawings, including both traditional botanical illustration and more contemporary work.

The group has expanded to seven and they are now holding their first exhibition in Oriel Makers, a gallery in the Roath Park area of the city.

RBGA also includes Christine Wilson, Jill Schoenmann, Dale Evans, Sam Johnson and Sue Hunt – all professional artists, but coming from very different backgrounds – including fashion design, scenic art and garden design.

This has created a diverse collection of work which aims to show the general public the wealth of beauty amongst the plant species within Cardiff’s environs.

Each artist has their own project and chosen plants and the public will be able to see where these plants can be found with the aid of a map.

The group aim to include all the parks’ authorities, scientists and organisations involved with local conservation and biodiversity, in order to highlight concerns and issues of importance relating to Cardiff flora.

Roath Botanic Garden Artists’ exhibition, “Wild and Cultivated”, runs from 12th November to 24th December 2011 at Oriel Makers, 37 Pen-y-lan Road, Cardiff.

Open 10am to 5.30pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Find Roath Botanic Garden Artists on Facebook here.

Images: Helen Lush