Roath People: Othniel Smith

Writer – currently living on earnings from episodes of kids’ TV (“The Story of Tracy Beaker”, “Tati’s Hotel”) – but will work for food.

Amateur filmmaker (Vimeo).

Occasional blogger (Blogspot).

Originally from Stoke-on-Trent.

Currently in my second period of Roath life, following several post-university dole years in the 1980s (the dying days of the original Globe cinema).

Loving the proximity to the city centre.

Loving Roath Park – except when having to dodge Frisbees or dog-residue.

Loving the healthy array of unhealthy takeaways.

Loving the fact that many artists, actors, writers etc. live nearby, not that I ever actually encounter any, or would know what to say if I did.

Loving the plentiful options for aimless, intellectually stimulating urban walks.

Even happy to tolerate having to negotiate puddles of student vomit most weekend mornings.

Missing – pub theatre; small, drop-in gig venue.