Roath People: Jessica Best

I came to Cardiff as a student in 2005, and spent four years never venturing outside of Cathays.  When I decided to stay here for work after graduation, I couldn’t believe this beautiful corner of Cardiff had been just a stone’s throw away all that time, and that I’d never been adventurous enough to explore it.

I’ve lived in Roath for two and a half years now.  Before that, Cardiff sometimes felt like a borrowed city – somewhere I was just studying.  But Roath has made it a home.  The park, Wellfield Road Bookshop, the library, Deli Rouge – I feel like a little bit of each of them belongs to me.

I’m a journalist working for the South Wales Argus in Newport, run book club Cardiff Read, volunteer with The Women’s Society and love eggs benedict from Juno Lounge.


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