Likes: ‘Inkspot Arts and Crafts’

Roath is home to many creative people, and one of the longest established and greatest resources for artists and craftspeople in the area is Inkspot, aptly based in a converted church (‘The Old Church’) on Newport Road. Here you will find everything that you could possibly need for whatever branch of the arts and crafts you practice, on its two floors comprehensively stocked from its original wooden floors to the open rafters of the roof.

The converted church that houses Inkspot on Newport Road

The building is inspiring in itself, and the staff are always on hand to advise and help you make the right choice of materials.

When I visited, I spoke to Sam, who runs their website and social media platforms, so if you contact Inkspot you’ll find her answering your queries. The space also hosts studios for artists, and is potentially a great community resource. Sam told me that Inkspot regularly get requests for classes and events, but that people don’t tend to follow them up when they are arranged. We think this is a great shame, as the opportunity to meet and work with other artists and creatives in the area, with the knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand seems too good to pass up.

One regular event that is currently advertised in the shop is the Cardiff Craft Club, which meets every Friday between 10:30am-4:00pm. The event is free, and you can pop in and make cards – bringing any materials you may have.

Inkspot also has a resident artist, Andrew Lannning, who is responsible for their gallery space and bespoke framing service; 15 studio spaces; and an online artists’ directory (in which, by the way, I’ve found many of the artists who contributed to Papergirl Cardiff 2011!).

Check it out!

Inkspot are on twitter here and facebook here.  Visit them at:

The Old Church, Newport Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 1PU