Moist Milgi’s for Made in Roath

As part of Made in Roath, tactileBOSCH will inhabit the upstairs floors of MILGI‘s. This post is updated from 12.10.11.

Moist: The House That Balthus Lived

Opening Event Friday 14th October 7-9pm

Milgi’s will be MOIST from Fri 14th Oct 7pm till Wed 19th

As part of Made in Roath tactileBOSCH occupy the unruly space above Milgi’s restaurant.

Caroline Biggs, Adam Ballard, Neil Bebber w/ Nathan Sussex, Jacqui Caley,  Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Chris Lledrod Evans, Kim Fielding, Peter Finnemore, Shani Rhys James, Iwan Ap Huw Morgan, Richard Morgan, Tiff Oben, Emma Prentice, James Richards, Steve Reinke, Helene Roberts, Alison Saunders & Tom Belton, Alice Wilkins, Graham Wilkins

Home is not an object, nor merely a building, but a diffuse and complex condition that integrates memories and images, desires and fears, the past and the present. It is a set of routines, rituals and personal rhythms. Reflection on the essence of home takes us away from the physical properties of a house into the psychic territories of the mind!

There is an enduring human need to find psychological refuge in familiar places and spaces, but there is no sanctuary to be found here!  Through creaking entrance stained with rust, staircases and doorways to nowhere, forgotten corridors, long locked rooms and what is that lurking in the attic?  This is a labyrinthian domestic dystopia!  Rubbing up against clammy walls a woman ferociously kneads on a dusty floor without apparent purpose. The man of the house, no king and no castle, lord of no where, paces the living room floor… Their offspring, eternally grounded, sent supperless to their rooms, trapped in repetitive acts …

You know such spaces, you are intimate with the characters, all so familiar, yet so very strange. Uncannily you cannot escape the feeling that you seen them in real life, in your life, or a film, a dream or a nightmare. It is storytelling without graspable narrative, it is a series of moments, it is pure atmosphere.
It is up to you, the intrusive viewer to try out differing versions of the truth and to make playful connections.

Temporarily uprooted from their home in Llandaff North, tactileBOSCH presents the next phase of MOIST. This time it is MOIST at Milgi and they have moved in to the flat upstairs…literally!  Inviting an array of artists, performers and musicians to respond to this former domestic space, what occurs is a disorientating art experience embracing performance, installation, photography, painting, video, sound works, and sculpture, creating a dialogue about the interaction of private and public. The viewer is invited in as voyeur in the manner of ‘rear window’.

This is a ‘Made In Roath 2011’ event, check out for full listings.

Text and image: tactileBOSCH