‘The Women’s Society’ Comes to Roath!

Back in June, a new group for women in Cardiff was launched, holding its first meeting here in Roath, at Penylan Community Centre. I went along, and asked organiser Lynsey Richards if she could write something about TWS for us, so here’s her guest post – thanks Lynsey!

What is The Women’s Society Cardiff?  When I first started promoting this new organisation, I was surprised to hear the different perceptions people had made about it before attending a launch.  Some thought it was a religious group, others thought it may be a self-help group with counselling and others thought we may be a feminist group out to get the men of the world!

However, in reality, The Women’s Society was set up for women of all ages and backgrounds to start to do things for themselves.  As women we are often putting others before ourselves, such as our children, partners and family.  We often get so caught up with trying to take care of everyone else we lose sight of ourselves.

This is where The Women’s Society steps in: we arrange events and activities in several areas around Cardiff and RCT, as well as regular meet-ups, so that women can get a ‘time-out’, a chance to relax and forget their daily routines and chores and just be themselves in the company of other women.  We also encourage women to try different things, new activities and to go out there and experience a whole world that they have yet to discover. 

So far we’ve done a range of activities, from Salsa, Archery and Life Drawing and there’s a lot more to come!  The Women’s Society is a diverse group with a lot going on, and the only way to experience it is by getting in touch and attending one of our many events and activities – why don’t you become a W.S Lady!



Meet –ups –

Tuesdays (Last Tuesday of the Month) Penylan Community Centre 7-8pm £2.50
Every Wednesday, Thornhill, Sainsbury’s Cafe. (Opening 10th August) 6.30-7.30pm £2.50
Thursday (Last Thursday of the Month / Opening 15th September) Canton Community Centre 8-9pm £2.50

You can follow The Women’s Society on Twitter and visit their website here.

Contact The Women’s Society by email: t[dot]w[dot]s[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk