Roath People: Wayne Courtney

WayneI fell in love with Roath in 2004, while sitting in the window seats of The Coffi House watching the world go by in this beautiful corner of Cardiff. Colourful characters passed by from all walks of life, a world away from the sleepy Swansea valleys where I was living at that time. I wanted to be part of that world.

When I came to live here in 2007 I became a regular in bars in Roath and became well known in the coffee houses due to my inabillity to cook. When Juno Lounge opened I was amongst the first punters through the door and it was here that many great friendships started for me. These days I’m a regular around Wellfield Road, usually with a bottle of red. I still sit in the window seats watching the world go by, but I too am part of that world now.

  1. Carrie Jones says:

    Wayne is such a kind hearted, caring, honest and genuine person. He has welcomed me into Roath and into his life and I for one couldnt ask for a better friend. He has touched the lives of so many people (mine included) and I can say it is an absolute honour to be his friend!

  2. Kath says:

    Waynie wonder, what can I say! We should rename wellfield rd Waynefield rd x

  3. wayne courtney says:

    cheers girls xx

  4. Rhi says:

    I can only thank waynie for moving to the DIff a girl couldn’t ask for such a wonderful best friend, don’t know wha I would do without my Swansea bro x

  5. Abbey nurton says:

    I love it Wayne Courtney. You fill the bars and coffee houses of roath with joy, fun and laughter. I’m glad to be filling them with you! X

  6. Rhian says:

    And how I am so glad he decided to move to cardiff cause waynie is the beat friend a girl could wish for x