Harris Hack for Made in Roath

The Harris What?!

A bike ride, but not as you know it.

For this year’s Made in Roath Arts Festival, Cardiff Cycle Workshop and Cardiff Cycle Chic bring you the very first Harris Hack: a mass participation bike ride (mass participation may be pushing it a bit, but we’re hopeful!) for cyclists who like to dress in style.   If you’re weary of your waterproofs and would like to put aside your panniers, join us to simply enjoy riding your bike with a bunch of like minded souls.

I believe we are entering a Golden Age for the bicycle. The evidence is all round us: more cyclists on the road, new bike businesses springing up all over the place, politicians getting involved (or jumping on the bandwagon, but let’s not go there!) – there’s even bike racing on BBC1!

100 years ago was the bike’s first Golden Age.  A new invention that revolutionised transport and communication in the much the same way that the internet did in my lifetime.  People from all walks of life – rich, poor, male, female, young and old – could now travel independently.  We want to celebrate that and make our own contribution to cycling’s new Golden Age.

We’d love you to join us!

So Gents, think Plus-Fours, Deer Stalkers and handlbar moustaches.  Ladies, think puffball sleeves, The Rational Cycling Outfit, and, dare I say it, bloomers.  Check this lady for inspiration:

Seriously though, there is no dress code as such but we would ask everyone to enter the spirit of the event and make an effort.  For myself, I’m going to make a wholehearted attempt to look like my Grandfather (that’s him in the photo here – looking good Ernest!)

The ride will happen on Saturday 15th October at 4pm.  We’ll meet in the car park next to Penylan library and follow a yet to be confirmed route around Roath.  The ride will be family friendly in that it will take place on paths and quiet roads, but children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Somewhere along the way we will stop for tea, it is 4 o’clock after all and we will end up at The Crofts Pub on the corner of Crofts Street and Partridge Road, Roath, in time for the Made in Roath Music Showcase at 6pm.

Please be aware, the ride will not be marshalled and we must all be responsible for our own and others’ safety.

Please join us!  Vintage clothing encouraged, vintage bikes welcomed, this is cycling for cycling’s sake, just for fun, because we can.




For more details mail workshop[at]cycletrainingwales[dot]org[dot]uk or follow us on twitter @cardiffwheels

Jon Howes
Workshop Coordinator
Cardiff Cycle Workshop