Wales Blog Awards Winner 2014

Roathbud Film Festival for Made in Roath

Roathbud. That’s the best name Ryan Owen and I could come up with for this pop-up cinema event that first sprang into existence during the Made In Roath Festival 2010. It’s a dumb pun on Citizen Kane’s key mystery, in case that was unclear. The McGuffin of all mcguffins. Seemed apt enough for a night showcasing filmic discoveries, so we stuck with it.

For one night only, the lovely Made in Roath team converted Milgi’s upstairs into a little movie theatre. Helen loaned us her screen, Sam wrangled a projector, I brought some speakers and Chapter provided a crucial cable. Imagine one of those assembly montages from The A-Team. We built it, and people came: within minutes the place was packed with folk watching a varied programme of short films with a Roathian connection (some more tenuous than others). Unfortunately I can’t find any photographs of the actual night, so here are some stills from the Hollywood film Be Kind, Rewind:

It was pretty much exactly like that. Ok, Jack Black, Mos Def and Mia Farrow weren’t there, but it was still lots of fun. Events like this seem to rekindle people’s affection for moviegoing. It was great to see the audience so obviously enjoying these locally-made productions – the sight of the front row giggling with half-covered eyes as Simon Howells considered a grisly choice in Love Me, Love My Dog was a particular high point.

The good news is that we’re going to do it again. Roathbud will return for Made In Roath 2011, and we’re now looking for submissions: short films of any genre, with a running time anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes or so. They could be recent works, ancient treasures or even something you haven’t even made yet. Yours might be entirely produced in Roath, partially shot here, edited in the area, written while you were a resident or maybe it was just burned onto DVD from a Roath-based computer half an hour ago. We’re pretty flexible about the whole thing. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please email [email protected] with details of what you’d like to show. And whether you submit or not, we hope to see you in October.

Tom Betts