Wales Blog Awards Winner 2014

Roath People: Geraldine

I’m Geraldine and I’ve lived in Roath for just over seven years. I’m originally from London, but have lived in Wales for a long time now, and love the city of Cardiff. I also love living in Roath for its lively and mixed communities, its artistic and cultural tendencies, great venues and of course the beautiful Roath Park, which is such an asset to Roath and the city.

I’m interested in community and art projects, and as well as being one of the team, am a member of thinkARK, Cardiff Read, Cardiff Bloggers, and help run Roath Social Media Surgery as a ‘surgeon’. I’m also an avid attendee at Cardiff Girl Geek Dinners – and am earning my Girl Geek stripes as I go!

I’m an archetypal Guardian reader: I am one of the ‘lefty bohos’ of Roath!